Alcohol Compliance Educational Services, Inc

Frequently Asked Questions

If I register with someone else's credit card, will their name be on the permit?
To ensure the name and address associated with your permit are correct, after you finish watching the program and just before you take the test, you must add your name and address on the form where we collect more data from you.

What if I didn't receive my login credentials after I registered?
If you complete the registration process and don't receive the confirmation email containing your login credentials, first check your junk mail folder. If the confirmation email is not there, it's possible your email address was incorrectly input when you registered. Use our contact form to let us know and we'll gladly send you your credentials.

Why don't the login credentials I was sent work?
Usually this is the result of either the username or password being mistyped in the login form. You can copy and paste the credentials from the email you were sent. If that fails, use contact form to let us know.

Why is my answer to the personal identification question not accepted during the test?
It's possible the answer you input was misspelled or has an extra blank space after it. If you email us about it, we will look the answer up in our database to see if either of those things apply. Please include the question you're on and the answer you're trying.

Why can't I access the test when I finish watching the program?
You must watch the entire program to access the test. If you've watched the entire program and are still unable to access the test, email us and we will resolve it as quickly as possible.

When will my information be submitted to the ATC?
We submit online rosters to the Louisiana ATC every Monday for the preceding week.

When will the ATC mail my official permit to me?
The Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control DOES NOT mail RV cards. They developed an app which you can download or, if you would like a physical copy, you can also print RV cards on their website. For full details please visit ATC.LA.GOV.